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Recent Surnames

A page is provided for each of the eight most recent surnames:

Davis German Howard Kitchin
Fox Grim Jennings Thomas

Please note: The information below is based on the research of others, usually family members of earlier generations. Additional sources are as noted.

Earlier Surnames: Dove, McGraw, Newton; information on these families follows Jennings.


There is very little about this family I can verify before the 18th century. What I do know is that we are descended from John Jennings of South Carolina, who was a Revolutionary War patriot. It is believed that this John Jennings received a direct land grant in the Charleston, SC, area from King George III, for earlier service to the crown. But there are other indications that he may have lived in the Caribbean Islands before moving on to SC.
John Jennings (b. ca. 1750; d. ??)
Wife - Mary (maiden name unknown; may have been Dutarque, based on SC marriage records); parents of: James, Lucy, John, Jr., Phillip, Jesse, Mary and:

William Jennings (b. 1772 in Edgefield, SC; d. 1842)
     1st Wife - Nancy Dove (see Dove); parents of Tyre, Lucy, John B., Nancy, Elizabeth, Mary, Susannah, Martha, Letitia (Let), and Hasting (see below):
     2nd Wife - Mrs. Eleanor Etheridge Richardson; parents of Lott, Rachel, Eleanor (Ellen), Frances (Fannie), William and Phillip

Hasting Jennings (b. 25 Jan 1814; Edgefield District, SC; d. Apr 1870 in either Nashville, TN, or LaFayette, GA)
     1st Wife - Susannah (or Suzanne) Newton (see Newton);
Children by 1st wife Susannah Newton:
Sarah Dove “Sallie” Jennings Healan Leet (b. 1833; d. 1909); learn more about Sarah
Mary Jennings Shealy (b. 1836; d. ?)
Robert William ”“Will” Jennings (b. 1838; d. 1922)
Martha “Mattie” Jennings Fulmer (b. 1839; d. ?)
Elizabeth Jennings Nash (b. 1841; d. 1918)
Margaret Anita “Maggie” Jennings Davis (b. 1843; d. 1921)
Tyre (b. 1845; d. 1862, died of typhoid fever while serving as a Pvt. in the 60th GA Infantry)

All children of this marriage were born in the Edgefield District, SC, before the family moved to GA.
     2nd Wife - Nancy Anna Gwinn
Children by Hasting Jennings and his second wife, Nancy Anna —
Richard Hasting Jennings (born 1858 in SC; d. 1920)
Julia Jennings
John Jennings
The three youngest children of this marriage were born in GA.
     3rd Wife - Elizabeth (or Sarah Elizabeth; surname unknown)
Child by Hasting Jennings and his third wife, Sarah Elizabeth —
Thomas Jennings (born in LaFayette, GA, in 1868; believed to have died between 1870-1880 as he is missing in the 1880 census)
Sarah Elizabeth had a daughter, Sarah Josephine, born Jul 1856 in KY, who used the surname Jennings — but was extremely unlikely to have been Hasting's daughter.

Our direct ancestor was Margaret Anita Jennings, the sixth of seven children born to Hasting Jennings and his first wife, Susannah "Susey" Jennings:
Margaret Anita Jennings Davis (b. March 26, 1843, Edgefield, SC; d. October 23, 1921, Chattanooga, TN)
Husband - Benjamin Franklin Davis (b. May 5, 1845; d. August 15, 1881)

The information above has been verified. However, there is an old story based on the idea that the North American Jennings were tied to the Jennings fortune in England or that we all are descended from the William Jennings who established the Jennings Ordinary in Nottoway, VA. If there is any connection to the VA Jennings families, the link would have to be found in England and not the United States.

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Nancy Dove
• Daughter of ?Jacob — or ?Benjamin — or possibly a ?Dr. Dove
First wife of William Jennings (son of John Jennings; born in SC; d. 1842)
• Mother of Hasting Jennings (see Jennings)
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Sarah McGraw Newton
Wife of Robert Newton
• Mother of Susanna (or Suzanne) Newton Jennings (see Jennings)
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Robert Newton; wife - Sarah McGraw
Parents of: Susanna (or Suzanne) Newton Jennings
• Daughter of Robert Newton (Edgefield, SC) and Sarah McGraw Newton; family information indicates that Susannah Newton Jennings was the sister of Margaret Stone
• Wife of Hastings Jennings (b. 1811)
• Mother of Margaret Anita Jennings Davis

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